My Quest for the Snowy Owls: Four Unforgettable Experience

I regretted not listening to my buddy Conrad Tan who had been here before. “The snowy owls are on the beach. It’s cold.View full post »


Close Encounter with a Bull Moose

I know you like moose… I want to tell you my 12 notes of how this photo happened: 1. It was snowing in the AlaskaView full post »


冬天的黃石公園: 我的六個不尋常經歷

無奈﹐是萬分不得意的等待。 我哼著學友的金曲。 五天了。 每天從清晨到黃昏, 一行七人﹐在黃石那貫穿公園的八字形公路上穿梳往來﹐用望遠鏡漫山遍野的地毯式搜尋, 眼睛快瞎了。 始終看不到「 她」 的縱影。 她﹐就是我此行攝影的目標:View full post »


Yellowstone National Park in the Winter: My 6 Unusual Encounters

My hope was slowly fading away. Five days have passed. For each of those days, we left at six in the morningView full post »


Yellowstone: One Small Step

I still remember an incident that happened in the Spring time at Yellowstone several years ago. We were driving on aView full post »


黃石公園: 我的一小步

說起野牛﹐還記得幾年前一個初春清晨﹐雪還未溶。 我們的車子駛到黃石的一條山路上﹐看見前面横七竖八地停了十多輛車﹐知道一定有好戲看﹐View full post »



我們一行七人是在早上八時許看到牠們的。 黃石公園北面著名的立馬山谷 (Lamar Valley),是野生動物最常出沒的地方。View full post »


Last Moments of a Bison Calf

Our photographer group of seven saw them around eight in the morning. We were in Lamar Valley, at the north ofView full post »

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