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Nature photography is about compassion. I dream to capture the ever elusive thing called love in the wilderness. Love, simplicity, mystery, beauty. Maybe it's all just my fantasy.

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Whether it's the best of times or the worst of times…

Share0Share +10Tweet0Hi, 7 things in this newsletter:1. Updates2. A photography test for you3. Quotes that made me ponder...4. Da Vinci5. Photo contest deadline6. More wolf photos7. Answer to the test 1. UpdatesIt felt like yesterday when I had to immediately fly back from LA to Hong Kong back in September because my mom’s hand surgery got complicated... Now Chinese New Y [...]

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One true authentic swing…

Share0Share +10Tweet0Hello my dear friend, Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend! 5 things in this newsletter with lots of info. 1. An Unexpected Message Which Took 6 Years To Happen2. Quotes I Like And Some Must-watch Movies3. Wolves...4. Three Recent Pics5. A Quick Reminder 1. An unexpected message which took 6 years to happen6 years ago I took up wildlife photography serio [...]

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One Question You Must Ask Yourself

Facebook and Instagram are full of nice wildlife photos. It's harsh, but no one will care if you take similar pics as everybody else. Instead of whining about it, I see this as a great opportunity to improve your photography. And the only way to improve, is to be more creative, and take photos that are different, which can evoke emotion in you and the others. It's very ea [...]

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Birthday Reflection, and My Quest for Bobkitten: 9 Secrets on Photographing the Phantom of the Wild

I’m obsessed with bobcats. I bet you are too, especially if you are a wildlife photographer. After all, they are one of only three wild cat species in the U.S., together with the lynx and mountain lion. (Actually, a kind reader named John just corrected me. There's a fourth cat species. A jaguar has been sighted in Arizona!) I have pretty much given up on the other [...]

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Story of a great horned owlet

Hi there,   Just 4 things. (1) How I'm doing (2) What I'm pondering (3) Camera news (4) A wildlife story and my thought process   1. Summer break   My Facebook feeds have been filled with lovely pics of bear, mountain goat and loons families in the last few days, which warmed my heart, and reminded me that summer is here.   I will have two weeks of vacation. It's my fi [...]

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Best Photos of 2016

“So it’s pretty safe to view the lava, right?” I emailed my good friend Carl right before the trip, imagining a relaxing time sipping Mai Tais next to the ocean in my Hawaiian shirt.“You will need a mask. When the poisonous gas blows your way, put on your mask and close your eyes. There will be acid rain too,” Carl said.What had I gotten myself into?The morning of our [...]

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