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In a world that is buckling under the weight of profit-making, that is overrun by the destructive sirens of techno-science and the power-hunger of globalization - that new brand of slavery - beyond all that, friendship exists, love exists. - Henri Cartier Bresson

5 Critical Elements of Wildlife Photography You Should Never Miss, Part 4

By Tin Man Lee | Mar 16, 2016

​4: TruthfulnessA few years ago, I met a girl. She's so beautiful it's suffocating. And she had nice personality too. What more could I ask for. It's your lucky break, I said to myself. After a few dates we started a relationship, and I poured my heart in. But things took a quick turn. I found…

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5 Critical Elements of Wildlife Photography You Should Never Miss, Part 3

By Tin Man Lee | Mar 15, 2016

“Why nature photography?”Many would answer, “to capture the beauty of nature.”3. BeautyFive years ago (when I was not as obsessed in wildlife photography as now), I took a one-day portrait photography class by a rather successful Hollywood photographer in downtown Los Angeles. He said he once had an assignment to photograph Janet Jackson. Starting from…

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5 Critical Elements of Wildlife Photography You Should Never Miss, Part 2

By Tin Man Lee | Mar 13, 2016

What is the most famous painting in the world?Hint: Every year, millions of people line up at the Louvre Museum​ in Paris hoping to have a glimpse of it.It's “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci. One of the key reasons why the painting is so famous, according to David Ward's “Landscape Beyond”, ​is because of…

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5 Critical Elements of Wildlife Photography You Should Never Miss, Part 1

By Tin Man Lee | Mar 11, 2016

“The world doesn't need another pretty picture. People only want to see what moves them.” – David DuChemin “Within the Frame”When I first started wildlife photography, I would check out the online galleries at nature photography sites such as naturescapes.net, bird photographers.net, naturephotographers.net, Fred Miranda forum, and Flickr. “Dang. Those pics are so perfect,” I said…

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Just Do It

By Tin Man Lee | Mar 8, 2016

I have been obsessed with wild animals since I was a kid. Besides school, I would always be doing these back then:While waiting at dad's work place after my school, I would rewatch the recorded video tapes of wild animal shows, again and again. I particularly remembered a scene of a peregrine falcon dive-bombing from…

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How Cold Is -50?

By Tin Man Lee | Mar 5, 2016

I have seen “cold” before. I have been to Yellowstone in deep winter several times (Yellowstone 1, Yellowstone 2). The windchill reached -26F one early morning when I was waiting for a wolf. I felt that my nose was almost falling off. But it's still manageable. Bison in snow, Yellowstone National Park. There was also…

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The First Encounter

By Tin Man Lee | Mar 3, 2016

I wiped my eyes twice to make sure I wasn't dreaming. They were there.After 7 days of glaring at the pure white landscape searching for them through the uneven icy and snowy terrain, I confessed I had a little doubt that I might not see them at all in this trip. We rarely saw any…

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Welcome To The World

By Tin Man Lee | Mar 3, 2016

Some people inclines to spend their vacation in luxurious cruise, enjoying the buffet and sunbathing at the deck. Some inclines to spend their vacation under the hood of their cars working on modifications. Some inclines to sit in their couch watching Netflix.Three days ago, I found a strange kind of people with a very different…

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10 Best in 2015

By Tin Man Lee | Dec 24, 2015

I literally started 2015 running barefooted in the snow. To be exact, I had my pair of socks on but they were soaked in icy water, and the cold penetrated from my feet throughout my body. My snowboots were nowhere to be found. They got stuck 30 feet behind in some crusty snow and I…

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