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In a world that is buckling under the weight of profit-making, that is overrun by the destructive sirens of techno-science and the power-hunger of globalization - that new brand of slavery - beyond all that, friendship exists, love exists. - Henri Cartier Bresson

7 Unusual Tips on the Zen of Travel

By Tin Man Lee | Jul 10, 2015

A loud braking sound penetrated through the cold, crisp morning of the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, as a Jeep stopped right behind me. I was all alone, standing behind my tripod on the backroad. The driver lowered the window and said, “Hey, what's out there?” “A great gray owl.” I said. He seemed confused. He…

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My 10 First Encounters (Part 1)

By Tin Man Lee | Mar 26, 2015

“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” This quote was supposed to be written by Lao Tzu in “Tao Te Ching.” I browsed through “Tao Te Ching” (in Chinese) but couldn't find the corresponding Chinese words. Anyways,…

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What I Learned From Steve Jobs And Jiro Ono About Photography

By Tin Man Lee | Mar 13, 2015

I was chatting to a guy sitting next to me at a dinner party one day. He said he recently went to a Dungeness crab dinner with a friend. After the first bite, his friend exclaimed, “Wow, the crab is so fresh and tasty!” “So I tried it myself, and I was shocked,” he said.…

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6 Things I Learned About Mastery: From Ping Pong To Wildlife Photography

By Tin Man Lee | Feb 5, 2015

In his quest for the mastery of painting, even the young Vincent Van Gogh once said that these questions prayed on his mind: “What am I good for, could I not be of service of use in some way, how can I become more knowledgeable and study some subject of others in depth?” — The Letters…

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10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Do Wildlife Photography

By Tin Man Lee | Jan 7, 2015

I have had many hobbies in my life, but nothing comes close to my love for wildlife photography. Over the years, I have made many wildlife photographer friends. Interestingly, many of them were competitive in one or more hobbies, or were doing well in their professions before taking up wildlife photography. Some were successful commercial…

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Bobcat And The Zen of Letting Go

By Tin Man Lee | Jan 5, 2015

Bobcat never comes back.   Brent said, as our car was driving forward while the photographers in the car behind us decided to stay and wait, after we all caught a glimpse of the tail of a bobcat disappearing into a bush. “Bobcat never comes back?” I murmured this line to myself, repeatedly. “That's zen. That's the…

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Ten Best in 2014

By Tin Man Lee | Jan 1, 2015

It was still dark. 6am. Listening to the audio book “Ender's Game”, sipping a bottle of red bull, I was already driving on I-5, for yet another quest for the elusive bobcat. The quest was a complete failure the week before. There were more cars on the road that I thought, especially trucks. Everyone were on…

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How To Find The Fastest Bird In The World

By Tin Man Lee | Dec 30, 2014

How fast is 242 mph?   Imagine driving at the 75 mph speed limit on a US freeway. Now think about driving 3 times faster. 242 mph is faster than the top speed of a Lamborghini Aventador. We all heard of the F-16 fighter jet. Wonder what the “F” stands for? F stands for Falcon. And the…

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The Number Two Secret To Wildlife Photography

By Tin Man Lee | Dec 24, 2014

#1. “Hey bear, good bear.” Our group kept calling while we were trekking in the tall grass, in pitch dark, at 5am. Well, summer in Alaska never got completely dark, but it's still so dark that I could barely make my way. Being clumsy I was always the one being left far behind the group. We…

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